Benefit Auction Consulting

The success of your fundraising auction is determined long before the first guest has arrived at your celebration event. Seasoned veterans of the fundraising arena understand the need for significant planning that reaches far beyond the guest list, or the venue, the caterer or the auctioneer decisions.

LM Auctions is among those seasoned fundraising veterans.  We believe that the success of your fundraising auction begins as soon as the clean-up work has been completed on your last event. If this is the first time for your new event, we believe that a successful plan is a strategic plan that can take months to perfect.  Let us work with you to perfect your plan and help you ensure that your benefit auction produces a predictable outcome that meets or exceeds your expectations.  From venue selection/configuration to the optimal agenda and schedule for the event, we can assist you in avoiding common mistakes to enhancing the tools and methods for recognizing new sources of fundraising during your event.

We can bring a driving clarity and process to ensure that your organizations Mission and Core Values are leveraged in your fundraiser to set and achieve fundraising objectives from your celebration and benefit auction.  We can also help you leverage the auction methods and tools to ensure that your donors, contributors and guests experience a highly entertaining, highly impactful and personally rewarding auction experience.

Contract Auctioneer Services

Whether in connection with our Benefit Auction Consulting services, or as stand alone services, LM Auctions offers you a wide variety of professional Auction Method of Sale services including:

  • Auctioneer: A graduate of the Western College of Auctioneering in Billings Montana, Matt Manley brings over 15 years of experience in the “Auction Ring” for Benefit Auctions, 4H/FFA and other Livestock Auctions.  Known by his friends and his clients as the “Cowboy Auctioneer”, Manley’s quick wit and keen sense of humor gives him the ability to make any bidding audience feel as if they are part of the show and enjoy their participation in the bidding process.
  • Ringmen: Whether you are from the part of the country where you refer to them as Ringmen or the part that calls em the “Ring Man”, most everyone knows when a professional Ringman is working an auction.  Typically, the Ringman is the man or woman involved in the auction process who is the MOST EXCITED person in the room!  They are that person who is jumping up and down hollering “Yes” or “YEP YEP YEP” every time a bid card is raised.  A qualified, experienced Ringman can assist your Auctioneer, increase the entertainment value of your Auction and have a material positive impact on your bottom line results.